10 Months, 2 Weeks, 5 Days

I think Henry is working on becoming a little fish. Now when we lay him down on his back in the bathwater (at the end to wash out the shampoo) he immediately flips over and knows to keep his head out of the water. Tonight he was experiencing with putting just his mouth in the water and kinda flicking his tongue around in it. That was lots of fun until he accidentally took a swallow. It freaked him out a bit but after he was sitting back up he was as happy as a clam-- until it was time to get out. That always begins a monumental battle to get him diapered and dressed for bed. He's tired, he's fussy, he doesn't like being on his back, and he's not happy to give up his bathtime. So far the winners for most distracting "toy" are my slippers, the aquaphor tub cap and a small travel package of tissues.

He continued to wave today and i decided that the thing he does with his hand on his forehead must be related to waving. He holds his hand up and shakes it and then just rests it on his forehead like some kind of sci-fi greeting. Trust me, we did not teach him this.

After about a month of serious picky-eater-itis i think things are starting to look up and Henry's appetite is starting to return. He ate 6 oz of the protein baby food du jour, cottage cheese and bananas, peas, and little pieces of cheddar. He actually seemed to enjoy feeding himself the cheddar and tolerated the peas. I got re-inspired in terms of stuff to offer him so hopefully he'll indulge me for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Love the picture, could we have a future handyman in the making? Keep up the good work Henry! Aunt Kathy

Anonymous said...

You gotta love a boy who goes right for the pliers! Atta boy Henry. I need some help with several projects. Love Gran