20 Weeks

No picture today-- we spent much of it in the emergency room. JT was feeling worse today and his symptoms were stranger-- he had muscle pain and weakness in addition to a generally unwell feeling, a fever, and a raging headache. I made him call the on-call doctor and the Dr. told us to go to the ER. Unfortunately it's never quick there. He got seen pretty quickly, but Henry and i couldn't go back with him because of the possibility of Henry getting sick. What took forever was to get all the different tests back. We're still waiting on the malaria test (supposedly one strain that can lay dormant a very long time), but otherwise it just looks like an infection or virus made much worse by severe dehydration. They pumped tons of fluids into him and he finally got home tonight. We'll see how he continues to feel, but most likely i'm going to bring Henry with me when i travel to DC next week. Luckily we have two very eager grandmothers that will be able to care for him during the day while i'm in meetings.

Because of all the excitement Henry's schedule went haywire and we got to glimpse a little of the old fussy Henry. I actually drug out the old exercise ball and spent a good chunk of the evening bouncing H on it. Hopefully he'll sleep okay tonight, and then get back on track tomorrow.

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