5 Months, 10 Days

Today after Brenda's we went over to the park. It was cool enough that i was able to put Henry into the fleece sling which i haven't used since he was a tiny thing. It was nice because now i can sling him on my hip which is how i tend to carry him anyway. We played on the swings and watched all the other kiddos. Henry didn't really smile much but his eyes were gigantic as he followed all the action around. The playground is just a few blocks from our house which should definitely come in handy as he gets older.

We came home and played a little bit and then he got tired in about 15 seconds while in the bath. Of course he had just spit up in the bath water, so it wasn't a bad time to get out. Last night he woke up at 9 pm and cried for quite awhile until i finally fed him and he went back to sleep. Hopefully we won't repeat that tonight.

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