4 Months, 27 Days

A good day back into our routine. Henry had a fun day with Ms. Brenda, came home, played a bit and took a bath using his new bath seat. The seat is fairly gigantic on him but he's able to lean forward against the front rim and be upright and play a bit more with his toys. It allowed bath time to go a bit longer which is nice because otherwise he goes to sleep super early. We're trying to push his bedtime back a little bit, but i think it's only going to work if he a) sleeps longer in the morning and b) takes consistently good naps. We did let him wake up on his own this morning and he slept until 6:45, so that's a good start.

Henry is just about to outgrow his infant car seat. Not by weight but by length. We have a Dr. appt next week to check his growth, but we went ahead and ordered the new car seat and stroller to replace our newborn model. I can't believe we're already at this point!

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