4 Months, 28 Days

Henry is obsessed with putting things in his mouth. This is what led Brenda to think he was teething but we haven't really seen any action yet. I also found out that i didn't get teeth until i was 1 so it's possible Henry's choppers will be a long time in coming. Regardless of the reason, he's like a little man on a mission to put whatever is in his line of vision into his mouth. When i was changing him this morning he grabbed my arm and pulled it to his mouth. In his bath seat tonight he just sat there straining towards his bath toys with his mouth wide open. It's like he just can't bear to see something and not test it out with his mouth.

He took the elusive third nap today and was therefore quite chipper this evening. We tried out his new stroller on the walk home from Brenda's and even though it says it's okay from 3 months on, i think he could stand to grow into a bit more before it becomes our go to stroller.

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