4 Months, 17 Days

It's not easy, but so far we've rigged a system where we get to sleep in on weekends, even with a 4 month old. The past several weekends, it's been very straightforward. I feed Henry when he wakes up around 6 am and then JT gets up with him while i sleep in. Because JT's been under the weather, today i went ahead and got up with Henry once he was done eating. Because i'm a slave to sleep, i decided to go back to bed when Henry went down for his first nap. This worked like a charm because this morning he was ready to go back to sleep by about 7:30 am.

He spent the day at home with Dad while mom did a little shopping. He was fairly fussy again today, even with 4 naps, so we sat out on the front stoop for awhile this evening. He seems to enjoy watching the city go by and feeling the breeze in his hair. That calmed him right down so that he could enjoy sitting in his seat again while we ate dinner.

I'm off to pack our bags, as he is coming with me to DC on Wednesday. It will be a short trip, but nice to have him with me.

New pictures are up on the yahoo site-- 19 weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Is JT playing sim city? What game is that?