5 Months, 6 Days

I believe Henry was fussy last night because he has developed a mild cold. When he woke up this morning he was quite congested but it seemed to mostly clear on its own. By the time i used the saline spray and suctioned his nose out (such a fun task!) there really wasn't anything in there to bother him. Brenda said he did just fine and dandy during the day-- chattered almost the whole time.

We had a nice walk home in the fall cool, and Henry enjoyed playing in the bath for quite awhile tonight. He's starting to sit up and grab at his toys quite well. He was pretty stuffy again tonight and has woken up off and on after going to bed so we'll see how the night goes. I was in the process of trying to discontinue his 10 pm feeding but i think i'm going to postpone it a bit longer until he's over this cold.

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Colin said...

My favorite picture so far. Keep them coming!

New pics of Sinead on a secret birthday invite site here: homepage.mac.com/banephoto/comiclife