5 Months, 3 Days

Well, i'm a shrimp. Henry has grown a little bit, but i'm definitely still short. At his 5 month appointment Dr. G said that he looks great. He's up to 14 pounds and his height was still 25". I swear he's all legs though because his feet stick out past the infant carrier. Today was the first day in his new carseat and he seemed to do just fine-- thankfully it fit in the car okay too.

Henry seems to be trying to catch up on his sleep. He took 4 naps today and retired at 6:30 this evening. He's doing a few fun things that i wanted to catch everyone up on. For a few weeks now he's started "scritching" his fingers over almost every surface. It started by him scritching the mattress as he would try to fall asleep but now he seems to do it with all new surfaces to test them out. He loves to lay on his stomach on a big quilt we have that my grandmother made. Not only are the fabrics varied, but he loves to feel the different textures and the quilting.

He still loves to stand, but he's been more interested in sitting lately. He still doesn't do very well sitting unassisted, but it seems to be lack of interest more than lack of ability. He usually wants to eat his feet as soon as he sits down which causes him to double over at the waist and then immediately fall over. A few times recently though he's actually held himself up with his hands. The first time we really noticed it was at the airport last night while we were waiting for our luggage, and then he did it a few more times this evening. So, maybe in the not too distant future, he'll be sitting for longer periods.

The last thing of note is that supposedly you can tell very early if a baby exhibits handedness-- as in, left-handedness. Henry has displayed a predisposition for his left side from the very early days (turning his head to the left, rolling onto his left side, sucking his left hand, etc.) Dr. G said that most likely he'll be left-handed, especially since JT is. JT was supremely pleased to hear this prediction!

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Colin said...

Hey, I hope there's no hard feelings on the shrimp crack since I'm only like an inch taller than you! Okay, maybe a few inches taller. Shrimp!