5 Months, 2 Days

Thankfully, we're all sleeping in our own beds tonight. We had a lovely visit to Vermont and a nice time at the wedding. It was a quite beautiful wedding even though the weather wasn't particularly cooperative-- rainy and overcast the whole time. It was fun to catch up with people from high school that we haven't seen since graduation and a good escape for JT and i. All that said, Henry's a bit tired of this traveling bit. He did okay at night but his naps fell apart and he spent decent amounts of each day just miserably tired-- rubbing his eyes and head, sucking his thumb only to jerk it out, fussing and just plain tired and cranky.

Sometimes he would fall asleep without any problem but then only sleep for 30 minutes. Others, he would fall asleep with lots of problems and still only sleep for 30 minutes. Thankfully we got home this afternoon and while he cried through the nap we tried to get him to take he went to bed quite promptly after his bath and feeding and i haven't heard a peep since.

I'll fill you in on more details of our trip this week and what Henry's up to. I finally have some pictures of me with Henry but i feel like either he's getting really big or i'm a total shrimp-- maybe it's just the perspective of the photo?


Colin said...

He's getting really big AND you're a total shrimp. It has nothing to with perspective! But you both look great, and that's an amazing picture. Much love.


Anonymous said...

That's funny, I was thinking what he was thinking. Except I was going to soften the shrimp comment a bit:)