5 Months, 11 Days

It was absolutely lovely weather for a good part of today-- sunny but cool-- i think the high was right around 70. We continued to marvel at how long Henry's getting-- fitting into clothes that just awhile ago swallowed him. When we got home he impressively sat up on his own for long enough for me to click quite a few photographs before tumbling over.

He enjoyed playing with a simple toy i made him over the weekend (you can see a tiny bit of it in the photo). I filled an empty plastic bottle with glass beads, glitter, and water and then glued the cap on. Right now he primarily liked to watch me swish all the glitter back and forth but when i put it in front of him while he was on his stomach, he went nuts-- kicking his feet up and down and squealing.

I found a number of good ideas for homemade toys online the other day. It's not so much that we're trying to cut down on expenses (although with my craigslist.org addiction, it doesn't hurt), but it just seems silly to spend a lot of money when he's completely happy to play with a large plastic spoon. If you ever come across reasonable ideas for homemade toys, let me know.

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