4 Months, 14 Days

Brenda thinks Henry is teething. He's been putting everything in his mouth for a few weeks now but he seems a little more aggressive about gnawing on whatever comes within 6 inches of his face. When you put your hands on him to steady him when sitting or standing, he just grabs your hand and sticks it into his mouth. I can't see any teeth and he doesn't seem any fussier than normal so i have a feeling it's a little ways off, but we'll see.

Brenda also reported yesterday that he had laughed. Of this i am a little jealous, at home he smiles big smiles and kind of looks like he's laughing a silent laugh but nothing comes out. Sometimes he squeals, but again no laughs. She said he's let out a couple really loud ones when being tickled. Hopefully he'll decide we're funny enough to share this new skill with us.

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