5 Months, 7 Days

As a friend pointed out recently, "having a baby means becoming obsessed with their sleep patterns." In a nutshell, yes! I realize that much of this blog has focused on the minutiae of Henry's sleeping patterns. I'm sure that there are plenty of other parents that don't agonize over their children's sleep, but for us, sleep and sleep problems became an overarching focus of our life with Henry. It makes sense if you think about it though; you crave sleep and miss it like you've never missed anything before. Also, babies need a lot of sleep, so if they're difficult to get to sleep or don't sleep well that's about 50%-60% of your day right there spent dealing with sleep problems.

I'm happy to report that as time continues to roll on i think my obsession with sleep has lessened, because i'm pretty well rested and Henry manages to get the sleep he needs without bringing us both to hysterics.

I spent the majority of the day running errands while JT kept the home fires burning with Henry. Right now while Henry's so little and naps somewhat unpredictably, it works out really well to have JT enjoying being a homebody and me eager to get out. That way i can tackle all the shopping and errands and JT can keep the boy on his routine while puttering around the house. It's a win-win really, except for the craziness one has to endure in the Trader Joe's Parking lot on a Saturday.

We enjoyed a bite out to eat at one of local restaurants and managed to eat later than 5:30 pm with Henry.

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