21 Weeks

I think Henry caught up on his sleep today-- he took a series of long naps and headed to bed early. The cost of his sleep was quite high tonight however. After his evening feeding i left him with JT while i headed out to Costco and to do the grocery shopping. Our micro died the other night so i picked up a new one at Costco-- my first stop. I was working on getting the gargantuan box into our tiny car and pushed the door shut to make sure it would fit only to realize that i had just locked my keys and bag in the car. Of course JT had an extra set of keys at home but Henry was finally asleep and we couldn't get a hold of any neighbors. We decided just to bite the bullet and pay for a guy to come out and unlock the door for us-- once he finally got there it took all of 90 seconds to unlock but i was about the last car left in the costco parking lot by the time it was all over and didn't make it to the other grocery stores.

Luckily i did get some pictures of Henry today so i've beefed up my supply for the daily posting. I'm trying to figure out ways to incorporate reading and books into Henry's day. He doesn't like to sit on my lap and look at them but seemed fairly interested in a few of his books when they were in front of him while he was on his stomach. I have been reading him some of his bigger books and holding them so he can see the pictures and he seems to like that pretty well.

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