4 Months, 29 Days

Henry took a third nap again today. Brenda said she rearranged his schedule to try to get all three in. It's really helping because he's happier longer and can stay up all the way until 7. 6:30 is a really early bedtime and it's nice when he can stretch it out a little longer without exhausting himself.

We leave tomorrow for a long weekend in Vermont. We're going to a wedding of a highschool friend and are looking forward to the trip. I'm not particularly excited to be traveling again so soon, but i think September in Vermont is going to be lovely. We're staying on an island in the middle of Lake Champlain which should be quite pretty. Hopefully we'll have some good pictures to post when we're back. We won't be home until Monday though so i'm warning you in advance i'll be post-less for a few days.

Henry's new car seat arrived today. He's nowhere near the weight limit on his infant car seat, but his little feet stick off the end. Back at 4 months he was 25" and the height limit is 26". I'm guessing that at his 5 month appointment on Tuesday we'll find out he's grown a bit more. We haven't installed it yet, but i think Henry looks pretty comfortable in his new seat.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, he's getting to be a big boy!! I miss ya'll and hope you have fun in Vermont. Sounds like it's going to be a good trip. SEe you when you get back.