4 Months, 15 Days

Henry seems to be putting up a good fight for Brenda regarding his third nap. I think he might be about ready to transition to two naps but he's not quite there yet so he's so very tired but the time he gets home. That said, it seems like he gets a new burst of energy for awhile and has such a fun time talking and rolling from side to side and exploring his world. But very quickly sleepiness catches up with him and it's all we can do to get his bath in and his last feeding and then he's off to sleep for the night.

The other day when i went to pick Henry up from Brenda's they were playing "Simon Says" and were marching in place. Henry was in his carseat and i swear he was marching along with them-- kicking his legs back and forth in his seat. She said he loves to follow along with all the other kiddos. They seem to enjoy him too they all come and say good morning and goodbye to him and he just smiles and kicks.

We're hoping to have a nice quiet weekend. JT's been plagued by what they think is an infection and we're hoping the antibiotics kick-in soon and start helping him feel a little better.

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