Home Again, Home Again

Finally, we're home. Long story, but we missed our flight yesterday evening and wound up spending an extra night with JT's folks. It was certainly nice for them to have an extra bit of time with Henry, but we were both glad to get back home today.

Henry did pretty well traveling. He slept the whole way to DC and pretty much charmed the pants of the grandfolk who took care of him while i was in meetings. He did pretty well napping and didn't stray too far from his routine. He did have a much more difficult time sleeping on the days we were at the airport. He wasn't particularly fussy, but there was just too much to look around at to let sleep overtake him. When we got home i immediately put him to bed and he took an almost 2 hour nap. He was pretty fussy in the late afternoon so we sat outside for awhile on our stoop and watched all the cars drive by, and then he went to bed quite early.

Since i last posted, Henry has really gotten into blowing spit bubbles. He also learned to pull his sock off and continues to put anything and everything in his mouth (including the co-pilot's finger today). He smiles and coos most of the day and is generally very charming. Sorry not to have a picture with this update, but i hope to build up my supply again starting tomorrow.

Wanted to note that the picture from a few days ago showed JT playing "civilization," which i consider the bane of my existence (no offence Bane family!)

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