5 Months, 5 Days


Today marked the return of Mr. Fussy-pants. Unfortunately many of the endearing names we have for Henry revolve around the word fussy because of his somewhat near-constant state for 3 months. Somewhere around 3.5 months Mr. Fussy-pants disappeared, rarely to be seen again. Alas, today he sailed back from his hiding-cove and left his mother bewildered.

So, what was the cause of the fussiness you ask, i just wish i knew. Brenda mentioned again that she was certain he was teething because he was gnawing on her shoulder today. I read somewhere that the symptoms of teething were "everything" because people blame all ailments on teething. I really couldn't say, he was running a very slight temperature, and expressed a feverish desire to suck. At one point he made a dive out of my arms towards his long-discarded pacifier and proceeded to suck fervently for quite awhile. He had a hard time settling down though and went through a few wailing fits when i tried to put him down to sleep. In the process of putting him down, picking him up, and trying to figure out what the dickens was wrong, i think i exhausted the contents of the baby medicine cabinet-- which thank goodness for Henry, is quite shallow.

Finally he nursed a few more minutes and fell asleep and went into his crib sucking his thumb. Hopefully he'll be able to stay asleep, but if anyone wants to make any guesses i'm all ears. I promise this is the last day i'll post another weekend picture. I've loaded all the 21 week pictures on yahoo if you'd like to see the rest.

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Anonymous said...

Man, time is passing! Yep, probably teething. Unfortunately this does not have an exact ending point. One tooth may erupt and then he'll be fine and another will be lurking. Be sure to have plenty of things to chew on. We used celery in the early days since C could not bite off a chunk at that time but I've heard of frozen bagels being good too. Teething rings can be good it's finding the right one that he likes that may be a pain. Tylenol can help in the evenings. If you ask your Dr. he may say no (since they are all different) but if he says it's OK, then he can tell you how much. Since Henry is prone to be fussy when agitated this may aggravate him (and you) more. Sorry I can't offer more. I'm going to be going through it again soon, just when I forgot all about the first go 'round with C. Thanks goodness you'll be able to share recent learned tips with me:) I'm interested to read if others had more luck calming teethers.