5 Months, 9 Days

Today was the first official cool day of Autumn. I'm looking forward to being able to branch out into the warmer half of Henry's closet. I'll be sad when he starts to exert independence in his clothes choices, because it's fun picking out his wardrobe-- somehow more entertaining than picking out my own.

We rebooked our tickets for the New Orleans wedding we were planning on attending in mid-October. The wedding has been rescheduled for DC which works for us because 1) the tickets were a good deal cheaper, 2) we have plenty of places to stay while we're there and 3) we have built in babysitters so we can fully enjoy the evening wedding!

The picture is from Helen's visit this weekend. Helen might be able to take Henry on size alone-- but he's pretty wiley; clearly planning his escape moves in this photo.

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Anonymous said...

Notice he's got the toy:) Helen will soon be grabbing for toys but for now she's content to look around.