25 Weeks

Not sure what it is about the weekends that Henry doesn't like but there was a lot of fussing and crying today. He only took one proper nap and cried lots during other sleep times. His cold is back so the poor thing is all congested again and i swear he's cutting a tooth. I can't really see anything still, but i can feel the faintest sharp point in the middle of his upper gum. Hopefully we'll see soon if i'm hallucinating or not.

We are looking forward to our visit to DC next weekend. We're heading there to attend our friends' relocated New Orleans wedding. While there, we're trying to fit in visits to friends, favorite restaurants, and family. Luckily i think Henry will mostly be able to stay put and hopefully more or less on his schedule.

Henry is getting really into the cats. Even at his fussiest today he would just grin whenever he saw them. He's gotten a few fistfuls of fur and they've both been good sports about it which is encouraging.

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