6 Months, 4 Days

If you read last night's post you witnessed JT's sneaky editing without my notice. Hint, we're not giving Henry any alcoholic beverages, i promise.

We're struggling with how to keep Henry warm up here in the North. It's not even that cold already and his hands and feet are like ice blocks. I know they say that babies have bad circulation and what's important is that their trunk stay warm, but last night Henry's feet looked almost blue! I found some baby mittens today and now i have to try to find some kind of warm booties for him. Any suggestions from our Northern friends and neighbors would be appreciated.

We went out to dinner at our local Mexican restaurant where they now have our "usual" table. Henry had his squash and has officially moved up to 2 cubes 2 x day. He was exhausted by the time we got home and went straight to bed after his milk. Tomorrow we've got his 6 month pictures scheduled-- hopefully things will work out so he can actually take them this time!

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. I read that vodka statement twice actually. I thought "Tamra has an unusually weird sense of humor about this feeding thing." :-). Now the truth comes out. I'm glad, that makes more sense to me.

Regarding keeping warm here. There is no easy answer. The fleece (or fake fleece polysester) footed Pj's are a must. I'm not sure what kind of Pj's you have but fleece and footed are a must. Carters makes a great PJ. Also, in the full winter cold, a really scary thing we did last year was to keep a heater in Carys' room. Not for the faint of heart. I had many nights worried about something happening. But we got a little heater from wal-mart and it kept her room warm without incident. We'll probably do this again with Helen this winter since she has the coldest room in the house. Now that Carys is two and a half, she has down comforter to keep her snuggly warm.