5 Months, 17 Days

Henry enjoyed talking with his friend today at daycare. They sit in their bouncy seats and just jabber away at each other. Or she talks and he just laughs and laughs. He also kicks so high in the bouncer and just thinks it's hysterical. We had some continuing laughs with the pie pan and then began our evening routine.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of this crazy summer-like weather. I've just about packed away all of Henry's summer clothes-- it's crazy to think he won't be able to fit any of them when it's warm again in the spring. After he went to bed i started work on my newest project-- organizing the garage. We have one space out of our 3-car garage but i decided to hang the bikes and put up shelves. I managed to get up about half the shelf brackets. I figure about 2 more hours of work and we'll be in business!

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