5 Months, 18 Days

Go Sox! Unfortunately Henry went to sleep before we started watching the game (thanks to tivo) but we enjoyed our second victory nonetheless!

Henry is on another third nap strike and therefore was extremely tired by 6 this evening. After eating he went to sleep promptly at 6:30. He has gotten to be quite a pro at dropping his toys when he's sitting in his booster seat. I made a cover to use when we go out to restaurants so that he can sit in the highchair and have his toys on ribbons. That way when he drops them they don't actually touch the floor and they're easier to retrieve. Hopefully i'll get some action shots next time we go out to dinner with him.

While he continued to enjoy the pie pan he's also quite enamored with his child-size hanger. He loves to reach out towards all his clothes and grab the hangers as i take outfits out of his closet. The hook is the perfect size for him to suck on and he even enjoyed playing with it in the bath tonight.

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