6 Months, 3 Days

Henry went beserk at dinner tonight. He had already progressed from 2 tsp of zucchini to 4 (an entire ice cube worth of vodka!)for lunch, but at dinner after he finished his portion he started to freak out and didn't calm down until i thawed another one and fed it to him. It's quite a sight and reminds me unsettlingly of someone jonesing for their addictive substance.

After the second portion he seemed satisfied and then enjoyed a nice long bath with me, had some milk and was off to bed. He's got a bit of a cough which i'm going to mention to the Dr. when we go in for his 6 month shots on Tuesday.

I forgot to mention yesterday that the picture of Henry with the fireman's hat was taken over the weekend at the fire station open house. The fire station is just at the end of my parents' street so we had a nice stroll down there and lots of good photo ops. Henry wasn't phased by any of it-- even the loud noises.

Tonight's picture shows off Henry's obsession of the day-- blowing bubbles. He's been doing this for weeks but today he literally did it all day non-stop. His shirt had gigantic alternating rings of dried and fresh drool from his bubble-making efforts. Funny thing is he didn't make any while eating-- won't that day be fun though!

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