5 Months, 20 Days

Beware the eyebrow!

I can't start off each post with "Brr, it's cold," because that would sound like bellyaching, but i'm putting you on notice that i'm thinking it. Today i had to bust out my fuzzy socks, and i considered donning the Lisa suit, but remembered the rule that i can only wear it when it's below 30 degrees. Henry did wear a long-sleeve fleece blanket sleeper on top of his cotton pajamas for the first time tonight. We haven't turned on the heat yet and his room gets chilly.

In case you haven't gathered from context, i was cold today so since i was cold, i decided to get in the bath with Henry instead of relying on his bath seat. He used to take a bath with either JT or I every night, but at some point it just became easier to only have to dry one of us off and wrestle us into pajamas. He was clearly telling me that he really will be ready for swim classes this winter because he was absolutely kicking up a storm. I could hold him sitting up and he was completely enthralled with his toys.

Few site details-- i'm posting new pictures for weeks 21-24 on Yahoo (got a bit behind) and there is a new link directly below the yahoo link called "signatures." Check it out when you get a chance for some beautiful Henry art.

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Jennie said...

I absolutely LOVE this picture. I mean of course they are all adorable but this photo is priceless!!!! What a cutie pie Henry is!!!!!!!!