5 Months, 16 Days

Although little man was very, very sleepy when i picked him up from Brenda's, he refused to take a nap when he got home, so we played contentedly with the pie pan, and climbed all over dad, and then hit the bath and bed-- tonight with no crying. I'm definitely out of practice as regards the loud crying, so i'll be very happy if this phase has passed.

I think his cold is just about over which is a really nice thing. He has an absolute hatred for the blue sucking bulb and manages to make it very difficult to stick that pointy device into his tiny nostrils, so no more congestion is something i'm celebrating.

My Chicago friends and i made plans to start taking advantage of the city more-- ya know cultural events and stuff. I made a list of both adult and child-friendly events that we can start to schedule (you know i love to schedule) and i have to say that i'm excited for the winter! Of course Henry is much to little for most of the events but we've got cover from my friend's older daughter. Of course i went on a hayride completely childless last year so i'm not sure i wouldn't just venture into the face painting booth with or without the little ones around.

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