5 Months, 25 Days

Yesterday when i went to pick Henry up Brenda told me that her niece, who absolutely adores Henry, wasn't helping out on Monday, but she decided to come by just because she missed Henry. As Monday was a holiday for me, Henry was home and she was so sad she missed him. I love stories like this-- he's just surrounded by good vibes at Ms. Brenda's.

Henry seemed to be doing a little better in the fussy department today. Still no tooth so who knows. His cold seems better and mine is getting worse-- yuck! We're leaving tomorrow for our trip to DC so you're on notice that there won't be updates until we're back on Sunday. Of course most of our audience will be seeing Henry in person which should help.

I started making baby food for Henry yesterday. Next week he'll be 6 months and we're going to venture into the world of solids. We're planning on starting with veggies next week and skipping cereals entirely. The research i've read shows no advantages to cereals and in fact they can easily cause constipation which i really don't want to inflict on my little guy. I bought veggies at the grocery store this week and then just boiled them, ground them in the cuisinart, and froze them. Now they're ready to go! So, pictures next week should be interesting.

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Jennie said...

I posted a comment below under my favorite photo but I had to stop and comment on the AMAZING Henry art work. You and your friend have amazing talent...the adorable subject doesn't hurt :)