6 Months, 2 Days

The elusive third nap happened today and that enabled us to go and meet JT and a friend of ours at a neighborhood restaurant for an early dinner. By the time we got home at 7 pm Henry was so tired he could barely stay awake to eat, but he had fun at the restaurant eating out (he actually got to eat for once!) and looking at all the other patrons.

As i mentioned yesterday, Henry seems to really be making strides in understanding and remembering his environment. For a little while now, he's been very interested in the cats. I've been using a few signs with him since he was 4 months old but i'm positive he knows the one for "cat." When i sign "where's the kitty" he immediately looks around until his gaze rests on the cat-- even if he didn't know he was in the room already. Supposedly around 6-7 months is a really good time for them and sign language because their memory picks up. I lent the video my parents gave me to Brenda so that hopefully she can incorporate some of the basics signs into Henry's everyday life as well.

You've got to settle for a picture of JT and I tonight. We rarely if ever get pictures of just the two of us so i had to show this one off (here's a shoutout to Colin!)


Anonymous said...

Love the pics. You guys look great! you and Henry were super cute on the firetruck. Will try to call soon, if not, I'll see you Sat!

Love Tab

Colin said...

I recognize my work... Thanks for the shoutout! It was great to see you guys.

Sinead's favorite sign, used only in association with food, is "more." JT saw her in action eating dim sum, pressing her fingers together for more and then eventually just reaching into the bowl of peanut noodles and helping herself. She's an eating machine! Once Henry moves from zucchini to finer things like dim sum, I'm sure it will be his favorite sign too!