6 Months!

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What better way to mark Henry's 6 month milestone than by giving him his first taste of zucchini? Of course Henry's palate isn't as virgin as some exclusively breast-fed six month olds. At 2 days he had mint-flavored gaviscon, around 2 weeks he started on tropical punch-flavored prevacid, and by six weeks he had settled into mint-flavored zantac. At 8 weeks he subsisted entirely on sugar-water for 24 hours as he was prepped and recovering from abdominal surgery. Still, zucchini should be a bit of a change.

It was interesting to feed it to him. Henry has been completely obsessed with grabbing things and putting them in his mouth for the month or so. His first reaction was complete and utter happiness that he was allowed to actually eat what i had on the end of the spoon. He felt this way for about 3-4 bites and then began to exhibit the reaction in the photo sequence. I know i've read that it can take babies (and children) an inordinate amount of time to like a taste (something like 25 exposures!) so we won't give up on the zucchini yet. We need to stick with it for about 4 days before trying anything new so that we know he doesn't have any reaction to it.

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