5 Months, 23 Days

We made full-use of the new bundle-mes that i bought on craigslist over the weekend. Today was a beautiful fall day but there was some amount of chill involved. Henry enjoyed snuggling into his bundleme while in his carseat on the way to the grocery stores and also in his stroller when we went for a late afternoon walk.

Unfortunately i have Henry's cold now too so today was a pretty low-key day for both of us. I managed to get some work done during his first nap, and then took a nap myself during his second nap. We went grocery shopping during his awake time and other than spitting up all over everything several times while we were out, he did just fine. He sat up in the cart (or at least leaned up) and seemed to really dig checking out all the foods. We had nice long conversations about what to look for when picking fruits and vegetables so i think you could count it as an educational outing.

Later in the day when Henry was making it clear he wasn't going to take a third nap, we went on a nice long walk in the stroller and met dad who walked home with us. Henry seems to really dig walking around looking at things now that he sits up in the stroller. He doesn't sleep but he does enter this kind of quiet dazed period which i figure we can count as his "quiet time in lieu of a nap."

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I'm loving the hat. It's a keepsake for sure! Sorry I have not written this week. It's going to be a crazy October. I'm digging my new MAC! I had it out on the train working on a spreadsheet on my way home... so cool. I'm not sure I would pull it out in the middle of rush hour but it was midday. Carys was sick today, we're all getting sick this week. I hope you guiys have a great week-end! Talk to you soon!

Love T