6 Months, 1 Day

In the past few days Henry's personality has started to emerge in robust fashion. He is clearly trying to communicate more, wants to engage with objects desperately, and gets frustrated at his limitations. I know it's nothing like we'll face but all of a sudden i feel like we have the makings of a little toddler on our hands. Before when he fussed it was generally because he was tired or sometimes hungry. Now what he does is closer to pitching a fit. He wants what he sees and he wants it now.

Every morning i take his milk to Brenda's in a large ziploc bag. Henry helps me carry it down to the car and has become obsessed with the plastic bag. Used to he would hold it while we got to the car, and then be just as content with the straps on the carseat while we went to Brenda. Now he'll really cry (i almost want to say screech) until i give him the plastic bag back.

When he was laying on his stomach tonight looking at toys, he was the most interested in movement i've ever seen him. Until recently he seemed really content just to mostly look around, but it's like his muscles and brain connections exploded and now he wants to physically engage with his environment-- STAT!

He didn't care for the zucchini at Brenda's tonight, but i mixed it with a little bit of breastmilk for dinner and he went nuts. I only wish i had a picture sequence of tonight. He doesn't try to grab the spoon, but while he's sitting in his booster seat, his arms and legs are sticking straight out like a zombie and his mouth is open and just straining towards the spoon. Just about the time i was running out he seemed to lose interest so portions seem to be about right.

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