24 Weeks

Trying to be flexible and hold to your guns at the same time seems contradictory and yet a key to parenthood. For some reason Henry is emroiled in a rough patch of sleep issues. For the past three nights he's been crying for 30 minutes to an hour before finally falling asleep. On Saturday he cried for a hour before finally sleeping for two hours for his morning nap. Consequently we missed our portrait appointment-- hence the flexability.

Amongst all the sleep angst, we still managed to wring enjoyment out of the ridiculously beautiful weekend-- hot but beautiful. We went to the park on Saturday and Henry got a big kick of the swing. You could put his other three quadruplet siblings in the swing with him and there'd be room for aplenty, but he didn't notice.

We enjoyed kicking back and making dinner at a friends' house last night and stayed out as late as possible, because our upstairs neighbor was having a big party. Although we got home by 12:30, things were still going strong. I got Henry to bed, but JT and i had a much harder time falling asleep (hmm, could it have been the people on the deck above our bedroom and the thumping music?) after a quick visit upstairs things quieted down a bit but it was still around 2 am before we got to sleep.

We capped the weekend with extensive playtime involving an aluminum pie pan. I introduced it to Henry awhile back, but the pieplate moved up to his favorite toy today. He enjoys scritching his fingers on it, trying to lick the rim, and most of all, pounding his feet on it.

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