28 Weeks

Henry enjoyed a nice quiet day at home after all the excitement yesterday. After eating this morning at around 6:30 he went back to sleep until about 8:30. We both appreciated the late morning and the nice quiet long naps later in the day. I put the finishing touches on Henry's Halloween get-up and we laid in for another week's worth of baby meals.

Henry finished the sweet potatoes today and i believe they are a bit um... binding for his own good. So, from now on i think i'll mix them with something a bit less dense. For this reason we're going back to yellow squash for a few days and then will either try yellow bell peppers or eggplant.

I'm going to poach an idea i read on another parenting blog. Many of our friends and family have shared with us that they enjoy reading about Henry's day and seeing new pictures. I print these entries (including comments) out to save in Henry's baby book. If you could use this week to post a comment about how you know us, why you read all the petty details of Henry's life, and anything else you'd like to share, we'd love to print it for posterity. Not that you have to be profound-- i certainly am not.


oma said...

Good morning Henry! You are so adorable!!!I love hearing from your mom everyday about your day. It helps me be a part of your life, even from this far away. Kisses and love, Oma

linda thetford said...


I love seeing your pictures and so do all of the teachers at my school. Everyday someone comes to my office to see what you are wearing and hear about your new adventures.
Gran and I loved your picture in the pumpkin patch. It looks like you are really analyzing those pumpkins. Have a great Halloween, Nona and Gran

Anonymous said...

Well, I just wanted to let you know Henry, that I'm addicted to your site. I have to check it every morning before I start working. It's my little ritual. And when I don't see an update, I wonder if you kept you Mom too busy to post. I've really enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading about your first days. I'm looking forward to seeing you grow up!

Love Tabitha

Plus Carys loves to check in and see you on the computer!