6 Months, 14 Days

Henry's first Halloween left a lot of room for future years of improvement. He was an aviator and i made him a set of biplane wings to turn his stroller into his own airplane. I'll hold onto them for when he's older and can appreciate them a bit more. Clearly this year was all about me enjoying making his get-up, but the weather, traffic, and timechange all conspired to make Henry's trick-or-treating experience incredibly short-- read one house. I decided things weren't going to get any better so we went ahead and packed it in and came on home. He lit up when he saw JT so we had a bit longer to enjoy him before he had his milk and i just laid him down. I have a feeling it might be another difficult night though so i think i'm off to take a shower and get an early start on bed.

I did manage to take some pre-Halloween pictures yesterday-- thankfully because i didn't get any taken today!

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Kathy said...

What an adorable costume (of course the handsome little pilot doesn't hurt)! Kathy

Anonymous said...

As the proud Grandpa or Gran to Henry, I must say he had a delightful and imaginative costume. I'm sure he will have many more memorable Halloweens but his first should go down as one of the best costumes!

Nice job Mom! Gran

Colin said...


We love the aviator costume! Next year you can suit him up as Snoopy, recycle the plane, and have the Red Baron. The Bane cats (I mean, kids) and Team Zissou (Jen and I actually got to go to a real party this year) are now online here: