27 Weeks

Last night we enjoyed dinner with friends sans kids, this morning we went out to our favorite brunch spot with a friend of JT's from work, his wife and their 18-month old son. I think it might have been the last day that we could reasonably walk to brunch as it was quite cold on the way home. We had a really fun time and both boys did wonderfully at the restaurant. Although we had tried to get Henry up early so that he would take a nap before brunch; Henry disagreed with this plan. Still, sleep or no, he was as happy as a clam looking around, taking in all the other people and enjoying his bottle. He didn't eat while we were out but he did try peaches for the first time this evening.

I expected him to take right to them since they are sweeter than what he's already had, but he seemed a little perplexed by them at first. By the end he seemed to have come around. Tonight after he went to bed i had a baby-food making fest and have eggplant, more squash, sweet potato, avocado and bananas ready to introduce over the next few weeks. Also on my list to have him try eventually are pears, various berries, and peas.

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