6 Months, 5 Days

Henry got his "professional" pictures taken this morning at JC Penny's and it was a much more enjoyable experience than our last attempt at portraits. When Henry was 3 months old and i was in DC with my mom and grandmother, we went to get a 4 generation shot done. We actually managed to get a great one of all of us but after two shots Henry was done-- in dramatic fashion.

This time they were running about an hour behind but Henry was just having a grand old time watching and laughing at all the other babies. He then smiled like crazy at the photographer and obliged me with two different rounds of pictures (and an outfit change!) He fell asleep in the car on the way home but was as close to the idea of a baby being an angel as possible.

He enjoyed a nice long nap at home and then we practiced some more sitting and horsing around with Dad before eating squash (his latest vegetable), having a bath and going to bed just as the babysitter arrived. We headed out to Korean BBQ with three other couples and really enjoyed getting back to one of our favorite restaurants-- what with the open coal braziers, it's not particularly child-friendly, so the two of us with kiddos left them at home. Now we're home watching the sox game on TiVo delay.

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