That was then...

Over the weekend i took a few pictures of Henry lounging on the couch. They were fairly unremarkable until i realized he was in the same outfit and position as a picture that was taken when he was 3 weeks old. I think each basically sums up his disposition at the different points in his life-- you can see why 19 weeks is a lot more fun!

I implemented my plan today to run up to Henry's daycare, spend a little time with him and run back home. It was a great break from my day and a lot more fun than going to the gym. I ran up there and spent about 20 minutes playing with Henry. Not only was it nice to see Henry, but it was also a good chance to see Brenda in action.

She was doing a cool math lesson involving this little scale. Each child got a card with a number on it. Then Brenda went around the circle and asked each child what number they had. When they told her, she gave them a corresponding plastic number with a hook on it. The physical size of each number increased as the numbers got larger. Then she would ask the group if they thought Elijah (4) or Ella (2) had the bigger number. The kids gave their answers and then they put each plastic number on the little scale to find out which was bigger/heavier. It was really cool! Henry and i watched the other kids for awhile and then played on a fun playmat she had.

This evening Henry seemed like he's a bit closer to really rolling over purposefully. He's been rolling from back to side or stomach for weeks now because that's how he prefers to sleep. He hadn't been doing it much during waking hours however and had only once rolled from stomach to back-- accidentally. Tonight he was laying on his quilt and just rolling back and forth-- not quite all the way over but from back to side, almost to stomach, and back. It's so fun to see what new thing he's working on each day.

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