4 Months, 5 days

Today Henry threw me a bone-- his naps were excellent. He slept for 1.5 hours this morning, 2 hours this afternoon, and then another 45 minutes this afternoon.

We went downtown to meet JT after work and did a little shopping. We had planned to buy some clothes for JT but little Mr. clotheshorse got some outfits instead. We took the bus there and back with Henry in the front carrier. It wasn't his first bus ride but he's getting more and more observant and interested in people around him. Of course the more we're out and about, the more strange people make comments. Tonight a woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked me how old he was. When i said 4 months she looked a little shocked and disturbed and said "he's so tiny!" I just said "he's our little guy," and turned back around.

This of course doesn't hold a candle to the day he started to lose it while i was in line at the drugstore. Instead of just hurrying the transaction up the cashier asked me how old i was. I thought she was being sympathetic so over the din i said 3 months. Her reply, "wow, my baby NEVER cried like that. She just slept and slept..."

It's not that it takes a perfect day for me to feel this, but i was just bursting with this feeling that having Henry is such a joy and something that i'm so glad i have to look forward to for so many years to come. Many of you know that things were very, very difficult for us at the beginning and it's almost painful how much I love Henry and am happy.

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