38 Weeks, 1 Day

I've been losing count of how many weeks old Henry is-- clearly months are a better guide at this point. Still, i thought i would get our count back on track.

Our entire family enjoyed Martin Luther King Jr. day today. JT and i were both off work and Henry's daycare was closed. We had a nice leisurely breakfast this morning (pastries from our favorite local bakery!) and then we went downtown to do a little shopping with some of the Christmas money we received. Henry was all eyes as usual and managed to charm quite a few saleswomen as we shopped.

When we got home he took another mondo nap and then we played and worked some more on those all-important crawling and pulling-up skills. Although we're not moving at light-speed on the motor skills side of things-- Henry has made large strides in terms of eating. Essentially he's eating table food now. Our Pediatrician gave us the go-ahead to feed him tomatoes, which essentially made it possible to have him eat what we eat. He's been enjoying some black beans and rice and plantains and tonight had a meal of spinach and cheese tortellini. Tomorrow night we're making butternut squash risotto and that's something that he'll definitely be able to eat. As an appetizer tonight we had some olive bread and a tomato dipping sauce. I didn't give him any of the sauce (because we were on the couch) but he gobbled the olive bread right down.

His tooth is definitely working it's way through but it's still just a tiny nubbin-- who knows until it's really up and visible in pictures!

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