8 Months, 19 Days Old

We experienced the flipside of Henry's rough Tuesday bedtime last night. He fell asleep frightfully easily at 7 but was then awake off an on starting at 4 until i got him up to eat at 6. He definitely seemed tired by the time i took him to Brenda's but he had more spunk than the day before and after some good long naps there he seemed his usual perky self when i picked him up this afternoon. Hopefully tonight will be back to normal-- easy to bed, lateish to rise.

Our retrospective of Christmas break includes Henry's first visit to a big pool. Although he had a soak in a wading pool back in July, this was his first experience with water that wasn't warmed directly to his specifications. We marked the occasion with tons of pictures but Henry was kind of "eh" about the whole thing. His reaction made me feel less guilty about missing the registration deadline for the shrimp and kippers swimming class at the Y. I think we'll just plan to wait until the inia class next session.

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