9 Months, 5 Days

Although Henry seems at a stand-still regarding his major-milestones, it's really fun to watch all the less-heralded ones accumulate along the way. The past few days he's been using his hands more-- in addition to his improved finger dexterity, he's taken to making sweeping gestures with his arms.

It's strange and not how it's supposed to work (seriously my baby brain development books says it's just not possible) but for Henry his fine motor skills seem to develop before his gross motor skills. He can now pretty competently feed himself, can pick food out of his palms and skillfully guide it to his mouth, pick up a string, etc, but if he wants up for instance, he makes these very vague half-hearted attempts at raising his arms. When we walk down the hallway he holds his arm out like he's pointing the way but there's not as much intent as a pointed finger-- more an arm thrown in the general direction we're headed.

Strange kid.

Another topic. I'm seriously considering switching (or at least trial-running) cloth diapers. I don't have time tonight to give you the run-down on the amazingly complicated cloth diaper scene out there but i'm curious if anyone has any opinions to add. You have great experiences and want to share-- wonderful, you think i'm nuts-- fine too. I can't say i'll take your advice but i'm curious what reaction people have.

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Tabitha said...

I'm glad to see Henry is coming along with his grasping, fine motor skills. You'll have to update us on the PT when you have your meeting.

I actually had to write to say put me in the lovingly put "your crazy" category:). I think if you want to try the cloth, you should be sure to havea cleaning service. I just remember my Brother had cloth diapers and it was extremely messy and gross. Of course this is the perspective of a six year old (at he time) but based on that, I've never considered trying it. It may actually be helpful in encouraging potty training though b/c he will definitely know it when he's wet or poopy. Todays diapers are so water proof that the babies don't know when they are wet. So that's a plus.