8 Months, 29 Days

Henry loves being upside down now. He often lunges backwards while you're holding him to get in position and he likes nothing better than to be tipped backwards. It makes him grin from ear to ear and giggle a bit. He also seems to be into messing with his sense of balance because he will shake his head from side to side somewhat forcefully and clearly thinks this is no amount of good fun.

We had both of our playgroups this weekend-- neighborhood one on Friday night and church one on Saturday morning. It's really nice to have those check-ins with other parents every so often and to see such a range of babies at all different stages. I love watching Henry at these get-togethers because he just can't stop being interested in everyone else. If they get close enough he'll reach out and grab them but usually he's content to just play with his toys and keep a close eye on all the action.

His sleeping hasn't been all that great lately-- not sure if it's the tooth or the cold but either way he's crying right now so i'm off to figure out what to do.

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Anonymous said...

What fun! See, he's gross motoring in his own direction! Way to go, Henry! Love, Oma