8 Months, 18 Days Old

I mentioned that Henry is starting to move around quite a bit more. He routinely moves from sitting on to his stomach and is getting to be pretty pro at scooching backwards on his belly. He goes after toys and the cats more but he can basically only spin and move backwards. He was really trying to pull forward to get some toys today but so far he hasn't made any progress.

Henry is also eating more and more solid foods now. While in DC he had his first dim sum with the gang (documented above.) He had gluten, strips of bean curd, chicken, and 1000 layer pancake. We're headed to our favorite Indian restaurant this weekend so now it's time for his first taste of saag paneer and dal mukni (yum!)

Henry did fine at Brenda's today but mostly took long naps. This morning when i dropped him off he was practically catatonic. After i posted last night about how we had such a smooth trip, Henry woke up screaming off and on until about 9:30. At first i thought he might be hungry because he didn't eat that much in the evening. But then he really truly sounded mad when i would go in to check on him. Once i left him alone he fell asleep in just a few minutes on his own. He slept through the night but got up early (about 3 hours shy of his necessary 12 hours a night,) hence his long naps at Brenda's. He went to sleep promptly at 7 tonight so hopefully he'll be more rested and lively for Brenda tomorrow.

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