9 Months, 1 Day

Henry's cold is sounding absolutely terrible. He has this horrible hacking cough. We're keeping a close eye on it but right now i think it's just a chest cold. He doesn't seem too affected by it, but gets run-down much more easily and hasn't been sleeping nearly as well as usual.

Today there is not much to report. Henry was in good spirits when he was awake but, at least at home, he wasn't particularly motivated to try something challenging like pulling up. We played for awhile on the floor and he was happy to spend some time in JT and i's lap. After dinner we skipped the bath and headed straight to bed for Mr. sleepyhead.

All the 8 month and Christmas pictures are up on yahoo.

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Anonymous said...

Hey little guy, get well soon. Don't let that cold slow you down too much! You have to get moving so Mom will have to chase you and then she can give up work outs at the gym. Gran