9 Months, 1 Week, 1 Day

Either Henry's tooth is finally pushing through a little more, or he is getting a second one right next to it. It's really hard to tell because he'll barely let me put my finger in his mouth, much less look in there. He did seem a bit fussy tonight but that might be because JT was making him really work at pulling up before he got to play with his table.

One thing he did tonight for the first time was pulled forwards. He was on his stomach and JT was holding a toy of his. He grabbed on to the toy and pulled himself forwards-- several times. I practicall shrieked because he's never pulled at all-- just pushed backwards. Of course it's a "baby-step" but in this case the cliche begs to be used.

The other day Henry played with his toy bin while i was working on dinner. He took every toy out of the bin and then turned it over and had a ball banging on it and making crazy faces-- documented above!

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Tabitha said...

GREAT PHOTO! Good job Henry!