9 Months, 1 Week

Brenda was giving me a little news of Henry's day today and mentioned that she put him down on his stomach on one end of the room and he slowly but steadily made it all the way to the other end not too long after. He did something similar tonight while we were playing at home-- scoots right back almost under the couch if you'd let him.

We met with the therapy coordinator (yesterday actually) and we have a team coming out to assess Henry on Feb. 9th. A nutritionist, a developmental and physical therapist will all be visiting. Based on their visit and assessment, they'll decide if Henry qualifies for participation in the program. To "qualify" a child needs to have at least a 30% delay in one area. The major concern with Henry is his gross motor skills-- which of course you know. We're eager to meet with the team and hear what they have to say. If Henry is "accepted" the therapists will make a recommendation for the type and frequency of therapy he should undergo. Our coordinator also mentioned that the therapy can be done at Ms. Brenda's as well.

Of course first we have to see if he actually has a measurable delay, but i would think that if he does, after a few sessions at home i would like to have some at Brenda's so that she gets the benefit of knowing how to help motivate and move Henry along.

I'm not sure what to hope for-- that he does have a delay and gets some targeted assistance, or doesn't and just stumbles into some action on his own. So, we'll just wait and see what they say.

I was reading in my baby brain book last night about language development and she makes a comment about "if the first year is given to anxiety over physical developments than the second year is certainly full of worry about language development." Alas, always something new to worry over.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Henry, you are SO cute! Ralph thinks so, too. Love, Oma

Tabitha said...

scooting is good. Also, just a suggestion and you may already be doing this but you might want to try letting him go without socks/shoes. Our pedi recommends this b/c the babies can get a better sense of balance and traction when learning to move.