8 Months, 23 Days Old

When i picked Henry up from Brenda's today she said he was never in a better mood. He was giggling and babbling all day. She also said that when he was in his bouncy seat sitting next to his friend about the same age, they were holding hands for a bit. I can only imagine how cute that must have been.

I got Henry ready for bed and then JT took over while i headed to ballet tonight. Unfortunately Henry had a rough time actually falling asleep tonight. He cried off and on for awhile and seemed to get more upset when JT went in to comfort him. He's got a bit of a stuffy nose again so perhaps he was feeling under the weather. Hopefully now that he fell asleep he'll actually sleep all night.

Henry has been going through a bit of an experimental tongue phase. He has been making all kinds of funny noises and contortions with it-- JT captured it pretty well in this picture.

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Tabitha said...

Hi! I LOVE the picture!

You should ask Brenda if she would take some pics if you brought over a disposable camera.