9 Months, 1 week, 4 days

Thanks for the vacation! We had a very busy weekend and somehow my evenings just didn't allow for posting. Friday was our neighborhood playgroup, although Henry didn't nap that afternoon so his patience was a little thin. By the time we got home and got Henry to bed and got some dinner in ourselves i believe we went to bed exhausted.

Saturday we checked out a neighborhood a little bit north of us and sampled a new Lebanese restaurant (Semiramis) that was truly amazing. We were sad we live out of the delivery area but hopeful we'll make it up there again soon. Unfortunately Henry seems to have his food preferences narrowing rather than expanding at the moment. He will eat a few (or sometimes just one) bite of something and then will basically refuse all other food until yogurt or applesauce is offered. We're trying to figure out just how to get more protein in him and may need to schedule a 10 month weight check just to make sure we're not losing ground (although the small but present thigh rolls seem to mean we're moving in the right direction!)

Saturday evening we went over to our friends' place and all the kiddos played together in the evening and the three couples of us had a nice civilized dinner. It was a wonderful evening, not the least of which entailed Henry falling peacefully and effortlessly asleep in Tabitha and Cullen's bed. He didn't seem to have a problem falling back asleep once we made it home either so everyone came out of the evening happy-- except Henry when Helen was trying to eat his head (see picture.)

It was so funny to see Helen just getting all over the place. Henry didn't seem motivated-- just perplexed that someone his size could keep advancing on him so quickly.

Through a comedy of errors at work, our Physical Therapy appointment has been moved up to this Thursday. I'm happy that we were able to get it done sooner and so interested to see what they say. It was really interesting to be over watching Helen and Henry interact. Helen is about 2 months younger than Henry and just has that "get up and go" personality gene that Henry seems to be lacking. I thought it might be hard to see Helen so far "ahead" of Henry, but actually i think it was really good to get to spend the time observing. You just can't help but feel like they're very different little babies and doing things on their different little timetables. Henry's going to be fine-- even if takes some structured play to get there.

Finally today we had friends over for brunch with a side of Henry interaction. This afternoon Henry and i attended my friend Keeley's son Thomas' 1st birthday open house.

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Tabitha said...

Love this post. I'm glad to see you had a great week-end and that Henry did fall back asleep once you guys got home. We had a great time with you guys.

On Sunday, Helen was running over Carys to her dismay. She's pulling up everywhere and subsequently falling over and bonking her head. Which sounds quite loud and painful and is followed by 30seconds to 2 minutes of crying. Oh what you have to look forward to.

Henry is a little thinker/observer but I'm sure once his muscles get a little stronger, he'll be a shaker and a mover.

I really can't wait to see them grow up together. I think we're going to have a lot of fun!