8 Months, 22 Days Old

We went to our favorite Indian restaurant last night with friends and Henry had a pretty good time but wasn't such a fan of the Indian food. I was trying to be careful of what i fed him but i think he got something a bit too spicy. He didn't make any outward reaction but i looked over and a tear was rolling down his cheek. After just a few more bites (of just plain rice) he pretty much clammed up for the night. So next time we'll have to move a bit more slowly. We got home and him in bed a bit late (9 pm) so he spent a good deal of the day catching up on sleep.

As mentioned a few days ago Henry made out quite well at Christmas. Friends and family provided a good mix of clothes, and TOYS! Today's picture shows Henry among the mass of all the toys when we got home. I grouped all of the toys into like groups (loud toys, soft toys, teethers, pull toys, etc.) and divided them among three bins. Now we're working on rotating the bins so we only play with one subsection at a time. A new thing i'm trying to turn into habit is the toy clean-up period at the end of each play session. This consists of me picking everything up and putting it in the plastic container while Henry watches and i talk up the clean-up. I'll just have to seek out some kind of catchy tune to go with it and hopefully we'll have the makings of a routine.

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jem_78 said...

I fed G some aloo gobi at Indian not too long ago, and he was screaming as I mashed up each bite, because I couldn't smash it fast enough. He loved it. Which is good - otherwise I don't know how successful he'd be in this family!