Jeckyl and Hyde

JT and i sometimes talk about having another baby and i feel like i'm the one who has a clear memory of what taking care of newborn entailed while JT already looks back with rose-tinted glasses. Today was a rude reminder that even I've forgotten what it was really like-- the uncertainty, anxiety, lack of sleep, and the crying-- oh the crying. I can't explain it, but the first part of our day felt like Henry weeks 8-16. Somehow he woke up on the wrong side of the bed and just stayed that way until i successfully sleep-wrangled him.

Normally after he's finished nursing in the morning he starts babbling and playfully reaching for JT and i. This morning he immediately started a full-scale assault that involved violent protestations. After a bit JT got up with him and he was okay, but particularly fussy. About 15 minutes later when i made it out to the living room he was in full-fuss mode. I picked him up and tried to engage him in different things and nothing really worked. He just seemed exhausted and unhappy. By 10 i decided it was time for a nap and i nursed him again and put him in the crib. Over an hour later, he fell asleep-- for 10 minutes. At that point we decided to get him up and just go about our business like in the old sleep training days. Henry would have no part of anything we tried to do and just cried and cried. Finally i decided to put him in the stroller and go for a walk to the drugstore. Thankfully he responded to the outdoors and did quiet down. He also fell asleep. The several inches of slush made a long walk difficult, but i did my best to help him sleep about 45 minutes. When we came home i carried his stroller up the stairs and just put him in his room. He didn't stay asleep but i did manage to transition him to the crib when he woke up without too many secret handshakes-- and then he slept almost 3 hours.

Voila, our happy baby was back. I've wondered it before, but today's experience really had me thinking all of H's colic was due to lack of sleep. Problem is, i'm not sure what we could have done differently to help him get more sleep. Thankfully he went to bed easily, and we'll just hope he sleeps well tonight.

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