8 Months, 25 Days

Well Henry definitely has a cold. He's been waking up more frequently than normal the past couple of nights and tonight he's crying as i write this. He fell asleep easily at 7 but has been crying a bit off an on for about 15 minutes now. I gave him some tylenol and rocked him for a bit and he calmed down but then when he went back in his crib he just isn't happy.

Really, this is nothing, but when Henry goes through a stint of being just a little "off" his happy contented self nowadays it brings back just how hard and exhausting those first three months were for us. I know i wasn't posting everyday then but Henry cried and fussed quite a bit. I feel a bit bad because while other mothers remember infancy with rose-tinted glasses, mine seem to have taken an opaque black tint. I think i remember everything much worse than it actually was. Either way, having a baby crying for what feels like a good portion of the day is hard. Now at least he's about 1000x easier to soothe and he sleeps-- both in the plus column for us.

We'll keep our fingers crossed that now that he's asleep he stays asleep.

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Laurie said...

He might have an ear infection. Samantha never would lay down if she had one. It bothered her too much. Hope Henry feels better soon!